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  1. gutsmar says:

    Por eso veo los videos de antes, porque ahora Omar tropzó con este timo llamado herbalife.Salte de esto, que el niño de tu ser te guie.

  2. TChanel says:

    Is herbalife aloe Vera safe during pregnancy!?!?? Help!!?
    So occasionally I have drank the herbalife aloe Vera mixed with water into a water bottle to help my food digest, and I am almost 6 months pregnant. I just saw online somewhere that aloe Vera can cause birth defects and down syndrome. Now I’m terrified! The stuff I find online sometimes reassures me and sometimes puts brand new fears into my head!! Does anyone know the if it’s okay or not? I’m soooo scared now 🙁 New first time mom.

    • lorraine p says:

      Down syndrome happens at the moment of conception, caused by an extra chromosome.
      Nothing you do or take in pregnancy will cause it.

  3. WelcomeToTheWorld says:

    Does Herbalife Herbal Aloe Gel Work for Acne Scars?
    I was wondering does Herbalife Herbal Aloe help cure or take away acne scars? I been using it for 3 days so far and see nothing. If it does help how long does it take?

    • sleepless in seattle says:

      Yes, it does, but not completely, and not permanent.
      I’ve tried it before. I first saw the result after 3 weeks.
      It will make our skin a bit smoother after using it for some time.
      Perhaps it is due to water retention in our skin, because it feels so soft & supple.
      My scars didn’t completely disappear, but it surely looked much better.
      But when i stop using it, the ugly scars came back.

      So, after calculating the cost of the product and the benefit, I finally decided to stop using it.
      Medical treatment (dermabration is my fave) may seemed more expensive, but the result is better, and it lasts longer, thus making it cheaper in the long run.

      I hope this can answer your question.

  4. had my baby *DOMINICK* says:


    • B.K th says:

      No its ok but just reduce how much you put in and talk to your representative Herbalife is very good for pregnancy!

  5. Flavio says:

    I just started to use Aloe Drink for my personal health. Is there any proof of its effectiveness?
    I started to use Herbalife Aloe. Anyone has good stories about it?

    • Gary Y says:

      As a laxative. From Medline:

      “There is strong scientific evidence in support of the laxative properties of aloe latex, based on the well-established cathartic properties of anthroquinone glycosides (found in aloe latex). However, aloe’s therapeutic value compared with other approaches to constipation remains unclear.”

      “The use of aloe or aloe latex by mouth for laxative effects can cause cramping or diarrhea. Use for over seven days may cause dependency or worsening of constipation after the aloe is stopped. Ingestion of aloe for over one year has been reported to increase the risk of colorectal cancer. Individuals with severe abdominal pain, appendicitis, ileus (temporary paralysis of the bowel), or a prolonged period without bowel movements should not take aloe. There is a report of hepatitis (liver inflammation) with the use of oral aloe.”

      “Aloe taken by mouth may lower blood sugar levels. Caution is advised in patients with diabetes or hypoglycemia, and in those taking drugs, herbs, or supplements that affect blood sugar. Serum glucose levels may need to be monitored by a healthcare professional, and medication adjustments may be necessary. People with thyroid disorders, kidney disease, heart disease, or electrolyte abnormalities should also use oral aloe only under medical supervision.”

      Plenty more such information at:

      I hope this is of help.

  6. G says:

    Does the herbal aloe from herbalife detoxify THC(marijuana)?
    My parents have this aloe thing you mix in drinks and its supposed to cleanse your colons. Will this get marijuana out of your system and if so how fast(how many days)? Thank you in advance.

  7. Mary says:

    Hi Mary,

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    make sure I was doing ok.

    I used to drive two hours to meet with my first distributor in West Haven, Connecticut. I even brought the girls with me a few times because I couldn't find

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    Hope this helps!


  8. KlubZdrowia says:

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  9. veroloren says: