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Author: Terry Wilde

I’ve been checking into this LifeCell skin care products. This is a highly touted product by cosmetic surgeons, people who use it, and even some members of the European royalty who use it. But arguably the most demanding group of people to tout the LifeCell skin care cream is South Beach Skincare Clinic in Florida.

Their clientele is made up mainly of South Beach models. Now, the last thing models want or need is to have their natural beauty reduced by the ravages of time. Of all people, they are the ones who really can’t tolerate the age wrinkles and spots, the reduction of skin “glow” and lip fullness, the raccoon rings under the eyes.

But those down at the Clinic insist that this LifeCell skin cream is the real deal, and that it’s everything its manufacturers say it is. I thought I would tell you what they’re telling me.

The LifeCell anti-aging skin care product:

  • Greatly and noticeably improves the look of photo-damaged skin
  • Causes lips to become dramatically plumped up and made “pouty-sexy”
  • Prevents future skin-aging signs
  • Significantly reduces the puffiness and dark circles under the eyes
  • Causes the skin to become deeply revitalized–skin tone is evened up and the skin “glows” again.
  • “Bleaches out” and fades age spots
  • Re-energizes the skin to make it appear and even feel smoother and firmer
  • Removes the appearance of those “crow’s feet” , wrinkles, and lines
  • Improves the skin’s elasticity and firmness

Now, given the source, I think we can trust it. So, if we take it as given that these claims are real, what this means for you is that LifeCell skin care cream is the planet’s first Total Anti-Aging Treatment. It acts fast…reduces wrinkles…firms the skin…acts as an around-the-clock moisturizer…fades age spots…acts as an under-eye corrector…fills out the lips…and even acts as your makeup base. Why spend so much money and so much time hunting down and buying all of those specialized creams and treatments when you can get it all in one?

As a matter of fact, the Clinic was so impressed with this LifeCell cream that they added a touch of their own–making it even more potent against wrinkles. It turns out that wrinkles on the skin cannot actually be seen by the human eye–it is their shadows that we see. The Clinic added their touch of magic in the form of billions of microscopic silicon dioxide crystals which refract light.

So, when you put LifeCell cream on your skin, the shadows of your wrinkles are made invisible by the microscopic crystals. To a certain extent, wrinkles can be reduced literally, if your skin gets a firming, soothing, hydrating treatment which gives your skin back its flexibility. But as we age more and our skin gets pummeled by the forces of nature, some wrinkles just will stay there. Yet, with the silicon dioxide crystals over them, they cast no shadow. It’s brilliant!

So, my conclusion is that if the LifeCell skin care product is good enough for these intolerant models, it’s good enough for you and me.

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Read on and find about Kate’s LifeCell skin care experience. Plus, get her surefire anti-aging tips completely free if you want to look younger. How do models stay young with LifeCell skin cream? Find out…

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11 Responses to Lifecell Skin

  1. needtoknow says:

    LifeCell anti-aging skin cream ?
    Has anyone tried this product? Thoughts?

    • Anonymous says:

      My wife use papaya kojic and licorice base soap and cream which are
      available online. These work wonders. Maybe it will work on you too.
      Try searching it through Google ‘shopaholic’s bargains’

  2. ritu v says:

    has nebody tried xtend life skincare line?..i m 22 years old ,which product ll be useful for antiwrinkle?
    my skin has got bit damaged due to continuous facial in salons…wanted to know whether xtend life skincare or lifecell is better? i have got combination type of skin and got acne scars..want to lighten up those…waiting for reply…

    • Anonymous says:

      You really don’t need either of them. The best things you can do for that problem are to drink plenty of water, protect your skin from the sun, do not smoke ever, and if you drink alcohol do so only in moderation. Eat a healthy diet. Don’t use anything on your face that has ingredients that would be unsafe to eat, as all products you put on your skin are absorbed into the blood stream. If you need a moisturizer, a little olive oil works wonders and is not at all greasy.

  3. Utterly confused girl says:

    Is it ok for a 14 year old to use Lifecell eye cream?
    I have the worst dark circles…its is unbelievably apparant on my face. I sometimes wonder why some people use eye creams for dark circles when they’re just a little bit dark but whatever. Mine is actually BLACK (im brown). Is it irritating for my skin if i buy lifecell since im 14? (its also for my mum cause she has “dark” circles)

  4. SarahSJones says:

    Lifecell Eye Cream

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  6. MrNumberNine9 says:

    Darwin at work.

  7. justoxpaste says:

    Girls wearing Daisy Dukes, bikini's on top, sunkissed skin so hot your Popsicle will melt #welcometocali